See Why Jay Smilez

Hi! My name is Janai and I am so glad you took time to check out my site. It is my sincere hope that here, you will find something especially for you. My joy in writing is not solely for the words I share, but how they can be used to help others.

When I started writing 2 years ago, I had just survived being in a state of brokenness that was more sever than I could ever imagine. I had become a single mother whose vision for life had been shattered and I could only rely on my faith in Jesus to pull me through it. I eventually used all the strength I could gather to embraced singleness coupled with motherhood. As I grew comfortable with accepting my current status, all of the other things that I enjoyed slowly became overshadowed by my identity as a single-mother. But I am so much more than this one thing…

I am a woman, raising a son apart from my “co-parent”. I am a lover of music, visual and performance art, literature, food, wine and spirits, outdoor activities, movies, games, cars and sleep. I am a daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend. But most importantly, I am the child of a King, and I was not meant to limit myself to a box defined by my parenting struggle or relationship status.

I have come to the point of transition from a single mother whose past experiences and circumstances define my journey, to a woman whose multifaceted lifestyle constantly reminds me that God is my everything and my joy comes from Him alone. It doesn’t mean everything is now perfect, or even what some might consider great, but no matter what happens, I can always choose to be someone who Smiles.