Open Letter To Veterans

Dear Veteran,

I am a human being. I am a mother. I am a sister/family member/friend. And as much as I love the people that I hold the aforementioned roles to, with the exception of my child, I cannot say that I would make a predetermined commitment to give my life to protect them. Just being honest. So believe me when I say that your selfless act of committing to give your life to protect this country and the idea of freedom does not go unnoticed. The sacrifices that you make of your own families to protect strangers is not taken for granted. I struggle with being away from my son for a month during his extended visitation period with his dad (granted he is 3) so I can’t imagine what it takes to be away from your families, especially your own children to protect the life of mine.

As a person who has family and friends who serve, some who left and never made it home, I know that you witness and engage in unimaginable things so that we (the American people) don’t have to experience them; things that can sometimes cause you to never be the same again. You have risked your life in serving in more ways than one and what you give is invaluable. You accept the risk of losing your families to protect them and I pray that they know your sacrifices are not in vain because there is someone that appreciates all that you do.

So not just for Veteran’s Day, but everyday and not just for my family and friends who are veterans, but all veterans, HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY and THANK YOU!

Grace and peace

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