My Faith Journey

I want to be clear that I am nothing without Jesus. My faith in Christ is what has brought me through so many extremely difficult times, and what made the happy times that much more sweet. I started writing because I knew I could not have made it out of the hole I dug for myself alone, and I wanted to share my story to help other women who may have been going through similar situations. But what I discovered is regardless of what the struggle was, the application of the Gospel was still sufficient for all.

Here’s what you will find as I share My Faith Journey with you:


Confessions Of A Single Mother (C.O.A.S.M.) – The transition to becoming a single mother, for me, was very heart wrenching. The hardest and most beautiful lesson I am learning is God’s love for me is the epitome of unconditional. The way He displays who He is and the dept of His love is always what I need, even if it’s not what I want. These writings show how truly broken I have been, but also how truly gracious God is.




Especially for Monday – Mondays can be particularly tough. These words aim to help you start your work week off with a reminder that God’s glory is all that matters and He is all you need.







Over The Hump – Not quite to the weekend, but closer than you were when the week started! Here is where you will find some mid-week encouragement to get you over the hump and on to ending your week with a praise!






Daily Scriptures – A reminder at least once a day can always be helpful. Whether it’s a “themed” set of scriptures or they’re seemingly random, I hope you find some encouragement in a daily dose of God’s word.


When wondering about me there are a few things that you should know…

1.) I am a Christian, in the sense that I love, believe in, and follow Jesus Christ (to the best of my ability while constantly praying for the strength to deny my flesh).

2.) I struggle with sin on a daily basis, constantly wondering if I am making the Christ led decision for myself and my child. I do not believe I have all (or most) of the answers, I am nowhere near perfect, and I need Jesus Christ to fill my life just as much as anyone else.

3.) My life consists of things other than just going to church and being a mother, and it is my desire to enjoy the beauty of the life that God has given me whether things are up or down.