Here we are…A Week Later

And behold, a voice from heaven said, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.”

– Matthew 3:17ESV

In 1992, at the tender age of 5, I made the decision to accept Jesus into my life and get baptized. I decided that I wanted to be a part of God’s family based on my full understanding of the world as a 5 year old. Fast forward 18 years and I have experienced the full effects and consequences of living as a Christian that is not living a life following Christ. Living in sin is the shorter version of my last sentence. So here I am, years later, with a different view of the world, what it means to love, and certainly what it means to be a Christian. And with all of those things in mind, I decided to get baptized again.

LDimage05I had been wrestling with the thought for a long time, like 8 months or so, because I just wasn’t sure if I should. I knew that the Holy Spirit had put it on my heart, but I didn’t understand why since I had already been baptized. After talking it over with some of my trusted community members and praying about my indecisive heart, I finally made a decision to stop dragging my feet. I decided that I wanted to make the outward expression of my desire to live a life that follows Christ’s example. On January 17, 2016, four of my brothers and sisters in Christ and I were baptized.


It was a joyous occasion and almost a week later I am still being blessed by it. I have been
going through my week thinking about some things that I know God has called me to do. I was trying to figure out what “the plan” is and how will things work out and in the midst of that thought process, God reminded me of how amazing his foresight is. Through a

The little boy that is glowing on the right is my son

series of fortunate events both my son and my parents and younger brother were there to witness my profession of faith. Given normal circumstances, schedules and plans going accordingly this would not have been the case. The first thing is that baptisms at my church are usually done on 4th Sunday but I found out the week before that this month the date was changed to 3rd Sunday. This would typically be my son’s weekend with his dad, but before I even made the decision to get baptized, he asked me to switch weekends. Secondly, when I let my parents know 6 days before my baptism that I would be getting baptized on the coming Sunday, my dad let me know that his pastor was going to be out of town the next 3 Sundays and he would have to preach so they would not make it. But then it turned out that on Saturday that the pastor would still be in town so my parents were present. So if the date had not been switched then my parents would not have been able to make it. And if my son’s dad had not asked me to switch weekends then my son would not have been able to witness me making a conscious decision to follow in Christ’s footsteps. (Although my son is only 2, it was important to me that he was there)

The steps of a man are established by the Lord,when he delights in his way;

– Psalm 37:23ESV

So here I am, wasting my time trying to figure out how God will work it out so that I can do what He is calling me to do…and I realize that if God worked out other people’s schedules and plans so that I would have the support I desired on something that is important to me, how much more readily will he work out the resources and support  so that something He desires for me to do can happen! One thing that God has continually shown me is that when I am walking with Him and desiring things that are of His will then he will align all the steps necessary for me to take. I could write an endless story about how awesome God’s love through His foresight is and how He has continually orchestrated things to work for Him to get the most glory in my life but I suppose I will spare you, lol. But if you are interested then check out my previous post, If Only I Had Loved HIM, for a story of how God’s love delivered me out of a very dark place in my life.

the-gospel-is-the-death-burial-and-resurrection-of-jesus-christJesus’ love is amazing and my life has been forever changed by the sacrifice He made long before I was even thought of. That is the ultimate definition of love through foresight. John 3:16 is widely used to describe the depth of God’s love for us but have you ever actually thought about it? God [who is awesomely amazing and does not need any human or anything made from humans] so loved the world, [the world being the thing and all its inhabitants that He created from nothing; the people that both secretly and boldly hate Him constantly in their actions and words; knowing with his omniscient foresight that WE would reject Him – He LOVED us] that He gave His only Son, [this is His only child who is also fully Himself…so He is giving Himself and His Son…to people who He knows will hate Him and ultimately murder Him]  that whoever believes in Him [God is giving any and everyone a chance to choose to love Him, even though He knew that we would hate Him, He still made available an open opportunity for US…] should not perish but have eternal life [so even though WE (me, you and yo mama ‘nem) deserved death before we were even thought of to be born, in God’s divine plan, He saw fit to make provision so that WE would have an opportunity to be an heir to His kingdom]. Jesus lived the life we could not, and died the death that we should have so that we can be seen as righteous before God.  All because He loved us before we ever were anything to be loved. Prayerfully, one day, when my son is old enough to understand, I will show him that picture and tell him that even before he was born, God used him to help bring me closer to Jesus and make my life Glorify Him, but even before me God gave His own Son to save us all.

Grace and peace,



“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” -John 3:16ESV

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    That is such a beautiful testimony for Christ. Loved it.


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