Happy Feet Massage

I recently got invited by a girlfriend to go get a “foot massage”. I had heard of the Happy Feet Massage before but had never been. She had me sold when she said $25 for a 1 hour foot massage.¬†As a single parent, I scrutinize every dollar that I consider spending on myself that is not food related, lol. One reason is because I already struggle to stick to my budget and the other is that I can always think of something that my son will likely need in the future more than me treating myself.

img_5435.jpgYou know the saying, “you get what you pay for,” well in this case you get so much more. For starters, when you walk in the massage area, you get a spa like feel. The dim lights and soothing music let you know that it is time to relax. My friend and I were escorted to the locker room where we changed into some oversized shorts and a robe. Now I have had massages before and usually just strip down under the robe, but here I wouldn’t recommend it, and this is why: you are not going to be in a private room…

The foot massage area is essentially one large room separated into two sections by short divider walls. This may sound off putting, but do not be discouraged, the overall experience was great. Although we came in for the “foot massage”, what we actually got was a full body massage with a concentration on the feet. My masseuse started at the top of my head and methodically massaged my arms, hands, shoulders, neck, back, and legs while my feet soaked in a bath of warm water. He finished with a nice foot massage. I had just dozed off when I felt a gentle nudge letting me know I was done. Then we were led into the sauna for a heated, muscle relaxing sit. It was relaxing, calming and a much needed escape.

For this relaxing treat we actually ended up paying $30 for the 60 minute massage + sauna experience. The price is advertised as $25 but upon being made aware of the “fine print” when paying, there is an automatic 20% gratuity applied. But as I said before, overall, it was worth it. So if you are on a budget and need a quick pick me up or relaxing wind down, this is definitely a place to check out.

Grace and peace,

Confessions of a Single Mother

*The services reviewed in this post were paid for with my own money. The opinions expressed are my own and I did not receive any compensation for this review.

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