Dish Society

Let’s talk brunch. Picture this, It’s Sunday and you sleep until 9a (that is late for me when my son is not home). When you finally actually get out of bed after laying there for an hour, you realize that you are super hungry, have to be somewhere at 1p and have not figured out what you will wear or how you will do your hair and makeup. On top of that you have a friend visiting from out of town that offers to treat you to breakfast.

Enter …


Let’s start with the ordering process…like other restaurants that I thoroughly enjoy, Dish Society is set up so that you order at the counter and then seat yourself. This is a plus for me because I didn’t have to wait around for however long waiting on a server to finally get to me to ask what I want to drink and then wait forever again for them to come back and take my order. This also forces me to be ready to order by the time I get up to the counter instead of being given the opportunity to be indecisive about what I want to eat. Sad to say, the reason it takes the server so long to get my order is usually because I keep asking for more time. Although the line was somewhat long (not as long as Breakfast Klub), it moved relatively fast. They were pretty busy though and pretty much full both inside as well as the front and back patio but we found some seats at the counter with a prime view of the kitchen and pass.


And last but not least, the food…


I went with the Pork Belly Hash, Smoked Gouda Grits, and Beignets (like I said, I was super hungry). It was pretty delicious. The pork belly was tender and well prepared, my egg yolks were creamy and it was a well put together dish. My companion had the Shrimp and Grits, and it seems there was something left to be desired in the area of seasoning for him. But an extra helping of the seasoning that they used for the shrimp made it all better. All in all, I will definitely be back at some point to check out the lunch and/or dinner. I can’t say I am a loyal customer yet, but I am definitely open to seeing what else they have to offer.


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