Cocktails and Groceries

After working for almost 10 years in the Hospitality industry, I have developed a fondness for all things “food and drink”. Whether it’s a med-rare steak and a dry red wine, sushi and sake, or a homemade burger and scotch, I love them all the same. So my sharing would not be complete, unless I include two of my favorite topics!


Here you will find:


*Sunshine Smilez* – A creation from my first Home Happy Hour



Cocktails – Whether out and about, or in your own home, Happy Hour is only as happy as you make it. Home happy hour drink and recipes, specialty cocktail spots, and dive bar faves can all be found here.







*When Pigs Fly* Candied Bacon Deviled Eggs



Groceries – If you like to cook at home, or go out to eat, there is something here for you. Family meal ideas, recipes, and restaurant reviews alike can call be found here.