August 2016

My fitness journey didn’t “officially” kick off until August 20th so the progress for this month is only for the 20-31st of August. Needless to say I have gotten off to a pretty lackluster start. Not only did I miss some days of wearing my Fitbit, I caught a cold the last 3 days of the period and was recovering from my birthday most of the others. But I have set my goals and am almost completely recovered from my cold so I am ready to attack the 1st of September. I am undecided if I will commit to tracking my calorie intake/burn as of now, so we shall see what happens. But here is my progress report for the first few days. I didn’t track my stats on the 20th for my progress summary, but next month will be better.

The one run I logged for August 🙁

Workout Summary

  • Gym Visits: 2 (30-45 minute weigh lifting sessions)
  • Steps: 71,247
  • Miles: 3.63
  • Weight Lifted: –


2016-09-03 (2)

Progress Summary

Starting Weight: –                                                                          Current Weight: 148.00

Starting Waist Size:                                                                        Current Waist Size: 33″

Starting Body Fat %:                                                                             Current Body Fat %: 31.5


Goals for September

  • 15 gym workouts (30-45 minute weight lifting sessions)
  • 350,000 steps
  • 85 miles jogged
  • 13:30 min/mi avg.
  • 6 miles in under 01:30:00
  • 80 ounces of water a day (2,400 ounces for the month)
  • 31,000 pounds lifted

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