A Castle For A Week With Toyota

Thanks to Toyota I got to test drive the 2016 Land Cruiser for a week. Let me start off by saying that I have honestly never driven a Toyota before, ever, so I was super excited to get to try it out! I looooooooved it! So keep reading and you will not only find out about some of the cool features this SUV has to offer, but also the things that made the most difference to me.30781579064_70e97ef908_z

First things first, the Toyota Land Cruiser is an almost 3 ton oasis with 381 horsepower, 3rd row seating and push to start ignition. Translation: big and spacious, powerful and doesn’t take much to get turned on. Although the gas mileage was not ideal for my day to day, it wasn’t the worst either. I made it 4 days plus an almost 80 mile round trip to my parents from home before being on E.

My favorite features include: seat and steering wheel heating (even though it is only cold enough to be considered winter about 2 weeks total in Houston), steering wheel controls for the stereo and phone, dual screen rear entertainment, Bluetooth audio connectivity for phone and media, a sun roof, touch screen navigation display, and last but definitely not least, a cooler in the center console that is powered by the A/C.

Even thought I didn’t get the hang of using the backup camera (I always felt like I was too close to things), I still had no trouble backing in to park or parallel parking. I don’t know if that is more of a testament to the way the car handles or my own driving skills though.

Roof of Tellespen YMCA, Downtown Houston

The most important part was the usefulness of these features in my everyday life. It’s obvious that the rear entertainment would be helpful in keeping my son occupied but what he mostly enjoyed is the height of the back seats. That coupled with his booster seat allowed him to see directly out of the window without the door cutting of his view. He spent more time telling me about the things he was seeing than what was on the television. The scenery was also helpful lulling the kid into a nap while we were driving for awhile (the blanked helped too, lol).

Let me not forget to mention that the Land Cruiser has surround sound speakers! My son and I almost always listen to music while cruising, and the sound in the Cruiser did not disappoint.


Another thing that I liked is that it created a comfy little escape for the two of us to have some “mommy-son” time (and even some mommy time). The 3rd row seating folds up to create a cozy little space that was great for reading while enjoying the fresh air and a quiet think space when life was too noisy.


And of course it was even harder to say goodbye. After a week of riding, I hate to have to give it back, but I must.


Overall this was truly an awesome experience. For my first time in life driving a Toyota, I would say the Land Cruiser was a pretty dope choice. The luxury SUV definitely added some fun to my day to day. My son is still asking me why couldn’t we keep it and insisting that I get it back so that he can ride in it. It was nice for Toyota to let me go places with them! #LetsGoPlaces

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