#12TO30 Fitness Journey Kickoff

I have always struggled with my body image and identity in general. In high school I was the skinny, band geek that wished I was big enough to fit a medium anything. I wasn’t very athletic so I didn’t have the curves or muscles. In college when my “freshman 15” finally came in, and I was no longer the skinny kid, I still carried the insecurity about how I looked to myself and others.

Fast forward to pregnancy and beyond…

3 Months Pregnant

One of the most amazing experiences of my life was

9 Months Pregnant

seeing the changes that happen during pregnancy. There came a point where knowing life was growing

inside of me made it easy to not care about my size (or appearance to be honest) at times. I was just enjoying the realization that God had given me a gift. My final pregnancy weight the day before I gave birth was 198lbs. About 10 days after I left the hospital I was down to 173lbs (I had a lot of postpartum water weight). From then until recently my weight has been a constant up and down primarily because of my inconsistent workout and eating habits.


As a part of my #12TO30 Project (in case you are wondering what that is, click here) one of the areas that I am focusing on is living a healthier life. This 12 month period of my 30th year of life will be the beginning of this journey for myself and my son. When my 12 months kicks off on August 1st, I need to have a step goal and a mile goal.


From now until July 31, 2016



For every one (1) like that my original post gets on Facebook and Instagram I will add one (1) step to my 12 month goal.

1 Like = 1 Step

For every fifty (50) shares and/or four thousand (4,000 ) likes I will add one (1) mile to my 12 month goal.

50 shares/4,000 likes = 1 mile

You can track my progress by following/friending me on the Fitbit app and the MapMyFitness App.

During this 12 month period, I also want to encourage others to pursue a healthier lifestyle, so you know what that means…


Each month I will be giving away goodies for fitness, fun and healthy eating. To keep your eye out for details make sure you are following me @TheSingleMotherConfessions (it might help to turn on the post notifications too). 

The first giveaway will start during this challenge (July 15th) so make sure you LIKE this post, FOLLOW my blog and IG and LIKE my Facebook page. More details of what 3 lucky winners will receive coming soon.


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